1. Get One Person Company Registration (OPC) In 3 Easy Steps

One Person Company Registration

One person company (OPC Registration) is easy to manage as it is operated by only one person i.E. In one person company (OPC Registration) there is only one director and there is one nominee director. It is suitable for those person who wants to do business individually. VIP Indians will provide complete one person company registration (OPC Registration) service. We registered many company and they are running successfully.

2 Benefits Associated With The One Person Company (OPC Registration) That Encourage You To Begin Your Business

  1. No minimum capital :- there is no limit on capital requirement that means you can start your business with a capital of just rs. 100.
  2. Continuity: – it remains exist after the death of the owner as the ownership will pass on to the nominee director.
  3. Limited liability :- shareholder of the company is not personally liable for the debts of the business.
  4. One director: – there is only one director in the company.
  5. One member: – one member is required in the company.

3. Minimum Requirements For One Person Company Registration (OPC Registration)

Minimum one director.
One nominee director.
Name should me unique.
One shareholder.


4. Minimum Requirements For One Person Company Registration (OPC)

Copy of pan card/passport (self attested).
Copy of aadhar card/ voter id/ driving license (self attested).
Bank statement/ telephone bill/ electricity bill/ mobile bill for registered office address.
Passport size photograph

5. Steps That Are Required To Register A One Person Company (OPC)
  1. Apply for Digital Signature (dsc).
  2. Application for Director Identification Number (DIN).
  3. Drafting documents, AOA & MOA.
  4. Filing of form inc-3
  5. Filling of spice form + , MOA (inc-33),  AOA (inc-34).
  6. Electronically submission of above forms on MCA with government fee.
  7. Company Incorporation Certificate, PAN, TAN.

Note : We will provide you one person company registration services. It will take around 11-12 days to complete. The whole process is online there is no need to arrange time to visit physically.